Surely you ask yourself, Who are these strange people?

Estamtex is a company born fromtextile sublimation, or at least that is what we were until we incorporated so many services for the companies we work with.
In times of inconsistency in the sector, we knew how to adapt and survive, offering services in 2014 that had never been offered before.

And look at us … Here we are, on the Internet.

Do you want us to be honest? We differentiate ourselves by knowing how to give the client what
it really needs, in time, form and quality agreed.
Because, whether in mold, screen or fabric, we will find the solution for you
you can produce that garment that makes you so excited.

Being as brief as possible, and summarizing 51 years of activity, that is Estamtex

We are a company that offers the entire textile production process.
Nobody makes it that easy for you, seriously.