Handmade screen printing, in your mass productions

Ok, we admit it, we have flaws. But one thing is for sure, if you have been doing the same for 51 years, at least you will know how to do it well, don’t you think?
Screen printing is one of our strongest points, we transform your textile ideas into tangible clothing productions.

Screen printing of samples in less than 24 hours, at the moment by appointment.
Productions in 6-arm octopus, high-performance molds, quality and speed of the
premium color or four-color screen printing service.

Everything you may need related to screen printing productions in a company, take advantage of your garments in natural fibers and screen printing with a calm head,

Our inks are totally eco-friendly and we don’t use solvents!

A professional screen printing studio for your clothing brand.

We offer wide textile stamping services.
Since we started screen printing we have learned many new tricks,
we are sure that our department you will like samples, We do not disappoint!

You have the option of seeing live and direct all the effects that can be applied today in textile screen printing.
Discover all the secrets of the industry in a single room.

Minimum production of 100 units.

Before starting a screen printing production, we recommend having a previous meeting, so we can advise you on a free consultation to choose the best path for you.

If your file is too heavy, we advise you to send us a link from wetransfer

Manual of instructions to create screenprints successfully - FAQ

What do you need to start screen printing?

To start screen printing it is convenient to have a minimum an idea of the drawing what do you want to do and keep in mind that this technique requires minimum for your investment to be profitable, Screen printing molds have an approximate cost of € 50 per color.
In case you want a full color print (four-color) you will have to take into account that the cost will rise to about € 400 just in a matter of mold management.

Once that investment is made, you will have to have a supplier of fabrics in natural fibers and the pattern made or have the final garment to print.
If you do not know where to acquire all these requirements, you can contact us at this link so that we can take care of the entire textile production process.

Frequently asked questions regarding textile printing.

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Never before has it been so easy to work with a textile graphic designer
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Octopus screen printing service for your higher quality productions with the colors and techniques in trend in 2020.

Designers are very easy to work with, you just need some creativity.
Some compare our graphics department to a hairdresser …
We love that you are so comfortable with our graphics!
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The handmade stamping, in your mass productions

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