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Fabrics in Barcelona y COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 crisis we have not been able to continue the activity of the Showroom as it involved too much activity within our facilities.

Now in order to see fabric samples you will have to contact our fabrics department directly using the button below.

Do not go blind, check how the colors react in each fabric, the fall, transparency and any factor that you need to check, before buying the fabric.
And all this with the help of professional designers!
Sounds good?

We are here to help you create your clothing brand - FAQ

1. Do you have cotton fabrics? + -

In our fabric stock in Barcelona we have cotton fabrics available to print in positional screenprinting molds.

* We do not provide continuous stamping service.

2. Do you have polyester fabrics? + -

Yes, we have polyester fabrics available for all types of garments in our fabric showroom in Barcelona,

3. What kind of garments can I make with your fabrics? + -

With our fabrics or fabrics you can manufacture from sports tights, t-shirts and sweatshirts to boxers, briefs, pants, joggers, etc.

The range of garments is very wide and we are delighted to receive new clothing creation proposals.

You can check thegarments that we usually make by clicking here.

4. Are your fabrics ecological? + -

We have a bit of everything, we provide most of the fabrics that customers are looking for and which are usually polyester-based, but we have fabrics made of natural fibers and recycled polyester with environmental disctintives and approvals and therefore ecological hallmarks.

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